Monday, 27 February 2017

New Mortgage & Home Finance eLearning titles released

As planned, we’ve added two brand new titles to the Governance Risk and Compliance library on ComplianceServe - The Home Buying Process and Arrears & Possessions.

The Home Buying Process addresses the nine areas of knowledge and competence set out in the EU Mortgage Credit Directive for those involved in mortgage product design and underwriting.

Taken in conjunction with the existing Mortgage and Home Finance titles, this new course provides the content to enable firms to meet the March 21st 2017 deadline for the transitional arrangements for the EU MCD knowledge and competency requirements.

Arrears and Possessions is aimed at staff working for authorised firms operating in the mortgage sector. It provides learners with an overview of the FCA’s Mortgage Conduct of Business (MCOB) sourcebook rules in relation to arrears handling, avoiding litigation, and in the event of a serious default, litigation and the right to possession.

Both of these new courses can be found within the Mortgage & Home Finance catalogue in the Governance, Risk and Compliance Library on ComplianceServe.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Disabling Flash on your devices

As the threat from cyber-attack continues to grow, many organisations are taking the decision to remove Flash from the corporate desktop to reduce risk.  

If you are planning to remove Flash, or have done so already, then be aware that you may need to “reset status” to ensure that your learners can continue to launch the titles in the ComplianceServe eLearning library.  

This will only affect learners who were assigned content prior to the removal of Flash and who use the Internet Explorer browser.

First of all, decide which content has already been assigned to learners and is outstanding. You can do this by running the Activity Completion Status Report.

Then in Content Manager, search for each pathway and choose the “Common Tasks” option:

ComplianceServe screen showing the content manager

Now, choose the “Users” option from the left hand menu and select “Incomplete” from the status field to display the list of users for whom you are going to reset status.

ComplianceServe screen grab showing how to reset user status

Check the box to select all the users in the list and then choose “Reset Status” from the Actions field and when prompted to, click OK to proceed.  Learners will be able to launch the learning from their training plans as normal.

Please be aware that some of the Mortgage & Home Finance titles in ComplianceServe have a dependency on Flash.  The exceptions are:

  • The EU Mortgage Credit Directive
  • Arrears & Possessions (due for release in February)
  • The Home Buying Process (due for release in February)

We have created PDF versions of the remaining Mortgage & Home Finance titles, so if you are planning to remove Flash, please contact the Helpdesk who will be able to make these available to you.


The ComplianceServe team