Friday, 20 May 2016

Arrears and Possessions eLearning Library

We constantly review our products and services to ensure they continue to deliver benefit to our clients, are fit for purpose and provide value for money. With mortgage arrears and possessions at their lowest level since the start of the financial crisis in 2008, sales of our Arrears and Possessions (A&P) eLearning library have declined significantly over the last two years and unfortunately, this means it is no longer financially viable to maintain the library.

For A&P licence-holders this post provides advance notice of the withdrawal of the A&P library at Dec 31st 2016, after which it will be archived and no longer maintained.

To help organisations address remaining requirements in the A&P area, it is our intention to create a brand new eLearning title on Arrears and Litigation, covering the key learning points from the most widely-used modules within the A&P library. This new title will be added to the ComplianceServe library in Q4 2016 and will therefore be available to all ComplianceServe clients at no additional charge. 

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss a custom replacement for the current A&P library, please do not hesitate to contact your Unicorn Relationship Manager who will be happy to explore the options with you.

- Your ComplianceServe Team

Brand New Training Announced for ComplianceServe

We are pleased to announce that 2016/17 is going to see some exciting changes in the way that administrators and end users are trained on ComplianceServe.

With the appointment of Debbie Jones as our Training Manager, we are reviewing how we deliver both initial training and ongoing performance support for ComplianceServe. Debbie brings over 16 years' systems training experience across a variety of mediums, from face-to-face to virtual and says; "Systems training doesn't have to be a one off classroom session with the trainer at the front presenting to a room full of participants struggling to stay awake!" she says. "It should be engaging and focused on what learners need, with hands on practical application followed by further support when you need it. Learning should be little and often - whoever walked out of a training session knowing everything?".
Starting next month, we’ll be running a series of scheduled webinars aimed at system administrators and focussing on different aspects of ComplianceServe:

Every Tuesday – Content Administration
Every Wednesday – Organisation & User Administration
Every Thursday – Reporting Administration
Every Friday – eCreator
These sessions, which are designed to follow the initial System Administration Overview training will help you exploit the functionality of the ComplianceServe solution, streamline ongoing administration, and ensure you get the most from the platform.

Over the next two months we will also be creating a series of short 'how to' videos on the key ComplianceServe functionality, to provide on demand performance support for administrators and end users alike. Debbie says, "we already know 70% of learning takes place on the job with only 10% in a formal learning environment. This is why a just-in-time approach or on-demand learning is so important and our video guides will provide you that support, when you need it, wherever you are, in bite-sized accessible chunks."

To reserve places, please contact the Help Desk who will advise on availability, and watch this space for details of these additional new learning resources.

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