Thursday, 25 May 2017

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


GDPR became law in 2016 and UK firms have until the 25th May 2018 to comply with the new requirements, which are extensive. The impact on firms is not to be underestimated.
To help you better understand the implications for your firm, for specific roles within your firm, and more importantly, for your customers, Unicorn Training is pleased to announce plans for a new eLearning pathway.

The new pathway will be added to Unicorn’s Governance, Risk and Compliance eLearning library in August 2017 and will sit alongside the existing pathway ‘How to Comply with the Data Protection Act’ which will become pre-requisite learning.

The learning will set out the purpose of GDPR, when it comes into effect, what information is covered under the regulation, who has obligations, and what it will take to comply fully with the requirements. Each of the data protection principles amended by GDPR will be explored in detail, and there will be a reminder of the importance of adhering to the new rules - and the consequences of getting it wrong.

To engage the learner in this new legislation, the content will be delivered as a series of bite-size activities, including a short video to raise awareness of the changes, scenario-based eLearning activities to impart the new knowledge.  There will be a multiple-choice assessment so that learners can evidence their understanding and a summary of the key points suitable for learning reinforcement / refresher training.

Data Protection GDPR Image

Learning objectives
After completing the pathway learners will:
  • Understand the importance of the new regulation and the impact on their firms
  • Recognise the key areas to consider so that they can discharge their responsibilities and understand how they relate to others’ roles in the organisation
  • Be able to confirm an individual’s rights under the regulation so that customers can be dealt with appropriately
  • Know how to comply with GDPR requirements such as breach notifications, transfer of data rules and understand the exemptions that apply

The pathway is intended for all employees working in the financial services sector who handle or process customer data.

Learning duration
Approximately 30 to 40 minutes.

Friday, 19 May 2017

ComplianceServe Updates for May 2017: What's New?

We are pleased to confirm that the pathways below have been reviewed and updated where required. The main changes are summarised below together with the date when the updated pathways were published.

With Three Lines of Defence and The Basics of CASS, the pathway structure has been changed, so if these have already been assigned to learners you will need to use the “Publish Changes” feature in Content Manager to make the new pathway available. This is only necessary for learners who have these pathways in their learning plans and where the status is “not attempted” or “incomplete”.

For all other pathways, the updates will automatically overwrite the existing versions so learners will automatically see the latest content without intervention.

Introduction to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • Amended the list of regulated activities to reflect that secured loans now fall under mortgage regulation, including first and second charges 
  • Pension Wise added to the Regulatory Family module and a new section included 
  • Amended to explain that MAS and FOS levies are funded by regulated firms 
  • Wording changed to make it clear when the complainant may refer to FOS 
  • Added the term Firm Systemic Framework under FCA supervision 
  • Additional questions on Pension Wise, SMR and CR added to the question bank 
  • Last reviewed 19/03/2017 
ComplianceServe Screen for Introduction to Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

Introduction to the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA)
  • No changes required to the content
  • Seven new questions added to the question bank
  • Last reviewed 07/03/2017

Three Lines of Defence
  • No changes required to the content
  • Six new questions added to the question bank
  • Last reviewed 19/05/2017

Senior Management Arrangements, Systems and Controls
  • Amended reference to common platform firms
  • Changes to the section on Whistleblowing to reflect the Sep 16 changes in regulation 
  • Eight new questions added to the question bank
  • Last reviewed 09/03/2017
Compliance Serve Screen for Senior Management Arrangements, Systems and Controls

Approved Persons
  • No changes required to the content
  • Seven new questions added to the question bank
  • Last reviewed 07/03/2017

Introduction to the BCOBS and PSRs (Banks and Building Societies)
  • Removed reference to TCF outcomes and Banking Code (no longer relevant)
  • Updated reference to Senior Managers Regime
  • Three new questions added to the questions bank
  • Last reviewed 24/03/2017
ComplianceServe Screen for Introduction to BCOBs and the Payment Services Regulations (Banking)

Consumer Credit Regulations (motor finance and personal credit)
  • Description of vulnerable clients and High Net Worth customers amended to provide clarity 
  • No further substantive changes required 
  • Last reviewed 07/03/2017
ComplianceServe Screen for Consumer Credit Regulations

Financial Crime: the basics
  • Updates to the Whistleblowing procedures and alignment to UK law regarding the protection of people when they raise concerns and the firm's obligations 
  • Last reviewed 02/02/2017
ComplianceServe Screen for Countering Bribery and Corruption

Fighting Fraud
  • Financial crime statistics updated to reflect the current position
  • Last reviewed 07/03/2017
ComplianceServe Screen for Fighting Fraud

Money Laundering and how you can prevent it
  • Amended threshold on occasional transactions in line with the Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive
  • Retail banking case study updated to reflect a breach of the conduct rules under the individual accountability framework
  • Last reviewed 02/02/2017

MLRO The Role of the Money Laundering Reporting Officer
  • Updated in line with the 4th EU money laundering directive
  • Last reviewed 19/05/2017

The Basics of CASS
  • Updated web links added 
  • Last reviewed 19/05/2017

Monday, 27 February 2017

New Mortgage & Home Finance eLearning titles released

As planned, we’ve added two brand new titles to the Governance Risk and Compliance library on ComplianceServe - The Home Buying Process and Arrears & Possessions.

The Home Buying Process addresses the nine areas of knowledge and competence set out in the EU Mortgage Credit Directive for those involved in mortgage product design and underwriting.

Taken in conjunction with the existing Mortgage and Home Finance titles, this new course provides the content to enable firms to meet the March 21st 2017 deadline for the transitional arrangements for the EU MCD knowledge and competency requirements.

Arrears and Possessions is aimed at staff working for authorised firms operating in the mortgage sector. It provides learners with an overview of the FCA’s Mortgage Conduct of Business (MCOB) sourcebook rules in relation to arrears handling, avoiding litigation, and in the event of a serious default, litigation and the right to possession.

Both of these new courses can be found within the Mortgage & Home Finance catalogue in the Governance, Risk and Compliance Library on ComplianceServe.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Disabling Flash on your devices

As the threat from cyber-attack continues to grow, many organisations are taking the decision to remove Flash from the corporate desktop to reduce risk.  

If you are planning to remove Flash, or have done so already, then be aware that you may need to “reset status” to ensure that your learners can continue to launch the titles in the ComplianceServe eLearning library.  

This will only affect learners who were assigned content prior to the removal of Flash and who use the Internet Explorer browser.

First of all, decide which content has already been assigned to learners and is outstanding. You can do this by running the Activity Completion Status Report.

Then in Content Manager, search for each pathway and choose the “Common Tasks” option:

ComplianceServe screen showing the content manager

Now, choose the “Users” option from the left hand menu and select “Incomplete” from the status field to display the list of users for whom you are going to reset status.

ComplianceServe screen grab showing how to reset user status

Check the box to select all the users in the list and then choose “Reset Status” from the Actions field and when prompted to, click OK to proceed.  Learners will be able to launch the learning from their training plans as normal.

Please be aware that some of the Mortgage & Home Finance titles in ComplianceServe have a dependency on Flash.  The exceptions are:

  • The EU Mortgage Credit Directive
  • Arrears & Possessions (due for release in February)
  • The Home Buying Process (due for release in February)

We have created PDF versions of the remaining Mortgage & Home Finance titles, so if you are planning to remove Flash, please contact the Helpdesk who will be able to make these available to you.


The ComplianceServe team

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

We want your feedback on our eLearning content!

All eLearning in the ComplianceServe library undergoes a thorough review by our subject matter experts and learning designers on a regular basis, to ensure it reflects the appropriate regulations and best practice guidance, and features up to date case studies. To take things a step further, we have enabled a new feature in ComplianceServe – Activity Ratings - so that learners can rate and provide feedback on individual learning activities.

Upon completion of each activity within a pathway, learners will be presented with the option to give the activity a star rating (from 1 to 5) and enter comments. These will be reviewed by the ComplianceServe team and considered as part of the ongoing review process to ensure our content continues to deliver a great learning experience whilst meeting the regulatory requirements.

Activity Ratings is now live on and


The ComplianceServe Team

Friday, 9 December 2016

Arrears and Possessions: Brand New Course

This new addition to the Mortgage & Home Finance suite in the ComplianceServe library is aimed at staff working for authorised firms operating in the mortgage sector.  

It provides learners with an overview of the FCA’s Mortgage Conduct of Business (MCOB) sourcebook rules in relation to arrears handling, avoiding litigation, and in the event of a serious default, litigation and right to possession.

The new course is presented as a pathway comprising:
  • A short “teaser” video to raise awareness
  • Interactive eLearning activities covering the handling of arrears and payment shortfalls, pre-litigation and litigation / possession
  • A case study in the form of a game  
  • A summary of the key points for reinforcement and refresher training
  • A post-course assessment
The course will provide learners with up to 70 minutes of CPD and will be added to the ComplianceServe library on February 16th 2017.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Introducing ComplianceServe Training & Competence (T&C)

The FCA’s Training and Competence (T&C) regime is intended to support consumers by making sure the financial services workforce is appropriately qualified and well regulated. Ensuring your employees are competent and trained effectively can also have a significant impact on company performance. To help you meet these obligations, Unicorn is pleased to announce the release of new T&C functionality on the and platforms.

In conjunction with our strategic partners, FSTP, we have designed and created a series of pre-defined online T&C forms organised into pathways for both regulated and non-regulated roles, for you to record and track the training and competence activities of your employees through the ComplianceServe solution. 

Each form follows a workflow between the manager and the employee with email notification and target dates to keep both parties aware of when one to one meetings, observations and other reviews must be completed.

To find out more about the key considerations and practical steps required to implement a robust T&C scheme within ComplianceServe, please refer to the T&C Guidance portlet which has been added to the ComplianceServe home page for Administrators and Line Managers. Once you are ready to make a start, please contact the Unicorn Helpdesk who will enable the new forms and pathways and offer you a short training session via WebEx.