Wednesday, 12 October 2016

New Performance Support Videos Released

Today sees the release of the first batch of new performance support videos covering some of the key functions you’ll need to master as a ComplianceServe administrator.

We’ve chosen the topics based on the most common queries reported to the Unicorn Help Desk, so we’re confident you’ll find them invaluable – helping you to carry out the main administration tasks more efficiently and get more from the ComplianceServe solution. 

The initial batch of videos cover the following topics:
  • Creating a new organisation unit and adding a new user
  • Editing user profiles
  • Moving and archiving users
  • Creating pathways
  • Copying and editing pathways
  • Adding a diagnostic assessment to a pathway
  • Creating a registration rule to check for new starters
  • Cancelling or exempting a learner
Screen grab of where to access support videos from the Unicorn LMS

You’ll find the videos in the SkillsServe Knowledge Base, which you can access from the Help & Discussions tab on the ComplianceServe Home Page, or by clicking here.

We already have further videos in the pipeline so watch this space for more details soon. In the meantime, check out the videos for a quick refresh, or dip in and out when you need a helping hand.


The ComplianceServe team

Thursday, 1 September 2016

ComplianceServe Updates for Q3: What's New?

We are pleased to confirm that the courses below have been reviewed, and where appropriate they will be updated with new versions issued no later than September 30th 2016. 

With the exceptions of Cybercrime and Senior Managers Regime – where we have restructured the content – the new versions will overwrite the current courses, so learners will automatically see the latest versions where these have already been assigned.

Financial Crime: the basics

The Market Abuse section required an update ahead of the introduction of the new Market Abuse Regulations on July 3rd, so we took the opportunity to review the entire course and released an updated version last month.

The sections on money laundering, fraud, bribery and sanctions required no updates.

Screen grab showing Financial Crime The Basics Course

Fighting Fraud

The whistleblowing section will be updated to reflect the new regulations which come into force later this month and will include new content in relation to the Libor scandal as an example of market abuse. 

MLRO The role of the Money Laundering Reporting Officer

Money laundering and terrorist financing is on the increase and therefore the role of the MLRO in the three lines of defence, which should be operated in all financial services firms, is more important than ever before. Given the size of the problem and the heightened focus on the MLRO’s responsibilities, we are adding further information aligned to the regulatory requirements.

With the current global situation, we felt it important to ensure that the definition of a PEP covered all areas. We have also referenced some external sources of further information. 

Screen showing a new section from the MRLO course

Conduct Risk & Treating Customers Fairly

It has not been necessary to make any significant changes and the course continues to meet the current requirements. 

Risk Management

The course remains fit for purpose, however, further questions are being added to the question bank to challenge learners in their understanding of the content.

Senior Managers Regime

The course continues to reflect the regulations and the content needs no updating. However, it is being restructured so that the four topics contained within the eLearning activity will be separated into individual learning activities contained within their own pathway, accessed from the main pathway.

Where learners have already been assigned this course and have not completed it, administrators will need to use the “Publish Changes” function for the new course to become visible. For assistance in this, please refer to the article on Publishing Changes here, or contact the Helpdesk.

The new version of this course will be live by Monday 5th September.

Screen grab of Senior Managers Regime eLearning course


The course continues to meet current requirements and needs no updating.

As with Senior Managers Regime, the eLearning activity is being split into three separate modules that will sit in their own pathway, so administrators will need to “Publish Changes” where learners have already been assigned this course and have not yet completed it. 

The new version of this course will be live by Monday 5th September.

Screen grab of new Cyber Crime course

Mortgage & Home Finance

As a result of the European Mortgage Credit Directive and following further guidance from the FCA, we have reviewed all the mortgage and home finance courses and we are making a series updates to ensure the content continues to meet the regulatory requirements and reflect best practice.


The ComplianceServe team

Friday, 5 August 2016

Financial Promotions: Brand New Course

Everyone in the UK is subject to the financial promotions regime – whether they are a financial services company or not.  A financial promotion is defined as an ‘Invitation or inducement to engage in investment activity’ – which generally includes all methods of encouraging investment in the course of business which have a promotional element and intent.

Although we might think of a promotion as being a written communication, it’s actually far broader than that, particularly with the significant increase in the use of social media.  In fact, promotions can include face to face discussion, phone calls, emails, advertisements, websites, presentations, Tweets and Facebook posts – so you may be breaching regulation without even being aware.

Recent mis-selling scandals (such as PPI) have increased public awareness of potentially misleading sales tactics, lending and advice. 

Image showing PPI misselling screen

This course is aimed at anyone working in financial services who needs an overview of the financial promotions regime and how to be compliant.  By the end of the course, learners will:
  • Understand what financial promotions are
  • Be able to explain what constitutes a client communication
  • Know the rules and regulations associated with financial promotions

The course is presented as a pathway with the following activities:
  • A short “teaser” video to raise awareness
  • eLearning modules explaining what constitutes a financial promotion, how they are regulated and some practical case studies
  • A quick summary module for refresher training
  • A post-course assessment

The course will also provide learners with up to 60 minutes of CPD.


The ComplianceServe team

Monday, 18 July 2016

Diagnostic Assessments & Graphical Reporting

Unicorn is pleased to announce the release of Diagnostic Assessments and Graphical Reporting within ComplianceServe. This new feature enables administrators to quickly highlight learners’ knowledge gaps and deliver tailored learning pathways to address those gaps – saving valuable time and maximising learner engagement. 

Diagnostics can be created for single courses or groups of courses using the “Add to Basket” feature in Find Learning, making this feature particularly useful for annual refresher training. 

All the questions in the ComplianceServe question bank have been mapped to related learning and based on their diagnostic result, each learner can be fully or partially exempted from the related learning.

As an administrator you control the number of questions and the pass mark, and you can organise your diagnostics and associated content into pathways then assign them to your learners, individually or through the use of registration rules, in the usual way.

We’ve also added a Diagnostic Dashboard – a new graphical report which shows performance and status details for pathways containing diagnostic and/or pathway assessments. Using Red, Amber, Green colour coding, the performance graph shows the number of learning activities where learners scored < 40%, between 40% and 70% and more than 70%.  The status graph shows the number of activities which have been assessed, versus the number pending.

For details on how to take advantage of this new feature, check out this article in the SkillsServe Knowledge Base, or contact the Unicorn Help Desk for further assistance.


The ComplianceServe Team

Monday, 4 July 2016

ComplianceServe Updates for Q2: What's New?

As part of the commitment to ensure our learning content is always up to date, the following courses have been reviewed and updated and new versions have been published to the ComplianceServe library.

Some of these updates are in response to regulatory changes, in which case we strongly recommend that the relevant titles are assigned to learners immediately, to ensure they understand their obligations and responsibilities under the new rules.

Where there has been no change in the relevant legislation, the updates focus on general enhancements to the learning experience and/or the use of new case studies and examples. We recommend that you familiarise yourselves with the updated courses and where they have already been assigned to learners, consider whether target completion dates need to be brought forward. Where a course has already been assigned, your learners will automatically see the latest version of the course in their training plans.

Complaint handling and regulated firms

In response to the new regulations around complaints which come into effect on June 30th 2016, a new version of this course has been released to cover:
  • the extension of the next business day rule,
  • the reporting of complaints and
  • the requirement for firms to send a summary resolution.
Make sure the relevant people in your business update their knowledge to ensure they know how to comply with the new requirements.

Combating market abuse

With new trading platforms, rapidly advancing technology and an ever expanding global financial markets footprint, new forms of market manipulation inevitably follow.

In 2014 The European Commission published new Market Abuse Regulation (MAR), as well as a new Market Abuse Directive (MAD) which becomes applicable to UK firms on July 3rd 2016. An updated version of Combating market abuse has been released to help staff understand their obligations and responsibilities under the new rules.

Bribery and Corruption

There have been no changes in the regulations since our last periodic review so this update focusses on some general enhancements around the regulator’s expectations and around business-wide risk assessment.

Customer Due Diligence

Guidance issued in February 2016 stated that firms should conduct enhanced due diligence (EDD) and ongoing monitoring of situations that present a greater risk of money-laundering. The update includes examples of when this might be applicable.


Policy statement PS15/24 requires that the arrangements regarding Whistleblowing in deposit-takers, PRA-designated investment firms and insurers become far more formalised. This update will ensure that individuals in those relevant firms understand the requirements from both an individual and organisational point of view. The course is still relevant for those in firms where PS15/24 is not yet applicable.

Data Protection Act and Information Security

The new EU data protection framework has been agreed and will be directly applicable in all member states. The new regulation is known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

The GDPR will replace the current directive and comes into force in 2018. However, the impact will be significant, hence the course has been updated now to reflect the changes.

Conflicts of Interest

There have been no changes in the regulations since our last periodic review.  This update includes additional content emphasizing the regulator’s stance, aligned to the handbook rules and guidance in SYSC (Senior Management Systems and Controls), plus details of a recent fine received by a wealth management firm for failing to identify and manage a conflict of interest. There is also additional content clarifying the regulator’s focus and expectations on what are considered excessive gifts.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Arrears and Possessions eLearning Library

We constantly review our products and services to ensure they continue to deliver benefit to our clients, are fit for purpose and provide value for money. With mortgage arrears and possessions at their lowest level since the start of the financial crisis in 2008, sales of our Arrears and Possessions (A&P) eLearning library have declined significantly over the last two years and unfortunately, this means it is no longer financially viable to maintain the library.

For A&P licence-holders this post provides advance notice of the withdrawal of the A&P library at Dec 31st 2016, after which it will be archived and no longer maintained.

To help organisations address remaining requirements in the A&P area, it is our intention to create a brand new eLearning title on Arrears and Litigation, covering the key learning points from the most widely-used modules within the A&P library. This new title will be added to the ComplianceServe library in Q4 2016 and will therefore be available to all ComplianceServe clients at no additional charge. 

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss a custom replacement for the current A&P library, please do not hesitate to contact your Unicorn Relationship Manager who will be happy to explore the options with you.

- Your ComplianceServe Team

Brand New Training Announced for ComplianceServe

We are pleased to announce that 2016/17 is going to see some exciting changes in the way that administrators and end users are trained on ComplianceServe.

With the appointment of Debbie Jones as our Training Manager, we are reviewing how we deliver both initial training and ongoing performance support for ComplianceServe. Debbie brings over 16 years' systems training experience across a variety of mediums, from face-to-face to virtual and says; "Systems training doesn't have to be a one off classroom session with the trainer at the front presenting to a room full of participants struggling to stay awake!" she says. "It should be engaging and focused on what learners need, with hands on practical application followed by further support when you need it. Learning should be little and often - whoever walked out of a training session knowing everything?".
Starting next month, we’ll be running a series of scheduled webinars aimed at system administrators and focussing on different aspects of ComplianceServe:

Every Tuesday – Content Administration
Every Wednesday – Organisation & User Administration
Every Thursday – Reporting Administration
Every Friday – eCreator
These sessions, which are designed to follow the initial System Administration Overview training will help you exploit the functionality of the ComplianceServe solution, streamline ongoing administration, and ensure you get the most from the platform.

Over the next two months we will also be creating a series of short 'how to' videos on the key ComplianceServe functionality, to provide on demand performance support for administrators and end users alike. Debbie says, "we already know 70% of learning takes place on the job with only 10% in a formal learning environment. This is why a just-in-time approach or on-demand learning is so important and our video guides will provide you that support, when you need it, wherever you are, in bite-sized accessible chunks."

To reserve places, please contact the Help Desk who will advise on availability, and watch this space for details of these additional new learning resources.

Image showing the ComplianceServe product logo against a generic background